Industries Served


  • PallCon has three custom designed 44×56 pallets used for shipping cans, bottles and end caps. These pallets were designed to last longer and perform better with higher working loads then all other competitive pallets. Pallets include Original Beverage Pallets, Heavy Duty Can Pallets, and Heavy Duty Glass Pallets.
  • PallCon has custom designed Plastic Top Frames that can be utilized for cans or bottles and are offered in multiple widths and thicknesses to meet all customer’s load requirements. Sizes include 44×56 and 40×48 Top Frames.

Food Processing

  • PallCon offers multiple plastic pallet sizes used for shipping steel and aluminum cans. These pallets are produced using high quality regrind and virgin materials for higher performing pallet loads. Pallet sizes include 42×48 up to 44×56 pallets.
  • PallCon is supplying pallets used to transport bulk meat products for downstream processing. Pallet sizes include 40×48 and 48×48.


  • Retail Clothing – PallCon supplies lightweight Nestable and Stackable pallets used for retail clothing applications. These pallets are used to store and move product throughout Distribution Centers and production sites. Pallet sizes are 40×48, 42×48, and 48×48.
  • Chemical – PallCon supplies light and heavy duty pallets for shipping bags and containers for various chemical processing industries. Pallet sizes include 40×48, 42×48, 48×48 and 44×56 pallets.
  • Agricultural – PallCon supplies pallets used for shipping and storing Supersacks full of peanuts and dry ingredients. Pallet sizes include 40×48 and 48×48.